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Mar 13, 9:26 AM

[New Bell Gallery exhibitions reflect on Fukushima and the first U.S. nuclear test detonation] . On Friday, March 17, the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University will open two new exhibitions focused on the ecology of sites that have been exposed to nuclear activity: Pierre Huyghes Untitled (Human Mask) and Gabriel Martinezs Mountain War Time. . The exhibitions, slated to run through May 28, are connected by the artists willingness to venture into spaces that were altered by nuclear accidents, in the case of Huyghe, and nuclear explosions, in the case of Martinez. They were organized to coincide with the beginning of the Brown Arts Initiatives three-year thematic focus on Arts and Environment, according to Bell Gallery Curator Ian Alden Russell. . The exhibition of Pierre Huyghes Untitled (Human Mask) is the New England premiere of the internationally-renowned artists film set in the landscape that surrounds Fukushima, Japan, where a 2011 earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. . ""The film confronts us with an eerie reflection of the tenuous divisions between human and animal, Russell said. The work includes a monkey performing tasks while wearing a mask with a human face. The monkey occupies the post-Fukushima space with a drone, which Huyghe has described as suggesting a collapse between both biological and cultural distinctions. . Russell locates a key question at the center of the film: whether it is apocalyptic or redemptive. Are the animals gestures the last remaining relics of human civilization, he asks, or a bellwether for a shift away from the anthropocentrism that haunts our world? . Untitled (Human Mask) will be on view in the Bell Gallery, and the opening reception will be held in the List Art Center lobby on March 17 at 5:30 p.m. #BrownUniversity

Mar 10, 9:45 AM

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Mar 9, 11:09 AM

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Mar 8, 9:06 AM

[Amid immigration executive orders, uncertainty remains widespread] . For Dr. Khaled Almilaji, the winter months of 2017 should have meant a quick trip to Turkeyto check in on the humanitarian organization he founded, a return to the U.S. and to classes at Browns School of Public Health and, most importantly, time spent at home in Providence with his wife, Jihan, who is pregnant with the couples first child. . Instead, Almilaji remains entrenched in the home of a colleague in Gaziantep, Turkey, a town along the Syrian border where he has directed medical relief work since fleeing his war-torn hometown of Aleppo, Syria. To keep up with the courses hes taking in the second semester of his masters studies at Brown biostatistics, qualitative methods of research and health services in the U.S. he relies on lecture videos, notes taken by friends and correspondence with his professors. . Prospects for reuniting with Jihan in Providence dont seem optimistic. For now, they use Skype to communicate and to support each other in what has been a harsh winter, in more ways than one. . ""Its really difficult with all this stress, Almilaji said in a March 3 interview. My wife is my priority, so Im online most of the time with her encouraging her and supporting her. And of course there is always a lot to do here in Turkey for Syria my team here is overloaded with work. . Almilaji had returned to Turkey in late December intending to spend just a week in the country to renew his residency status. In the waning days of the Obama administration, his student visa was revoked for no stated reason despite a major effort by Browns senior leaders, elected officials from Rhode Island and his fellow students at Brown, he has been unable to get the visa renewed. Though it is less restrictive for some immigrants and includes some allowance for waivers, President Donald Trumps new March 6 executive order on immigration seemed to reinforce the barrier that was already preventing Almilaji from returning to the U.S. #BrownUniversity