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Bright Computing, Inc. is the developer of comprehensive software for deploying and managing high-performance (HPC) clusters, big data clusters, and OpenStack in data centers and in the cloud. Bright Computing was founded by Matthijs van Leeuwen in 2009, who spun the company out of ClusterVision, which he had co-founded with Alex Ninaber and Arijan Sauer. Alex and Matthijs had worked together at UK’s Compusys, which was one of the first companies to commercially build HPC clusters. They left Compusys in 2002 to start ClusterVision in the Netherlands, after determining there was a growing market for building and managing supercomputer clusters using off-the-shelf hardware components and open source software, tied together with their own customized scripts. ClusterVision also provided delivery and installation support services for HPC clusters at universities and government entities. In 2004, Martijn de Vries joined ClusterVision and began development of the next-generation cluster management software. The software was initially launched and made available to customers in 2008, under the name ClusterVisionOS v4.


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