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Bright Machines is a software and robotics company whose applications focus on automation for the electronics manufacturing industry. The San Francisco-based company has two primary products. First, Bright Machines employs “micro-factories” made up of robot cells for the purpose of automating electronics manufacturing and inspection. Second, Bright Machines offers software tools for the purpose of improving efficiencies in the manufacturing process., Bright Machines was founded on May 25, 2018 as a spin-off of Flex Ltd. Initially the company began as stealth startup under the name AutoLabs AI. Amar Hanspal, former Co-CEO at Autodesk, was named CEO. Its board of directors are Carl Bass, former president and CEO at Autodesk; Stephen Luczo, Executive Chairman of Seagate; Lior Susan, founder of Eclipse Ventures; Glenda Dorchak; and Amar Hanspal., In October 23, 2018, the company officially changed its name to Bright Machines and announced it raised $179 million for its Series A. The $179 million funding round was led by Eclipse, with participation from Flex., In January 2020, Diagnostics for the Real World partnered with Bright Machines to manufacture HIV testing equipment.


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