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Nov 11, 2:04 PM

In honor of Veterans Day, Breathe Technologies salutes all who served our country, including WWII Veteran Bob Scott. Bob has COPD and wears our portable NIOV to help increase the flow of oxygen to his lungs. Breathe Technologies also sponsored Bob to visit the WWII monuments as part of the Honor Flight Network earlier this fall.

Sep 25, 3:00 PM

Marva X, the fundraising chair for the Honor Flight of Inland Empire, knows that COPD can impact a veteran's lives. She says, I've seen how difficult it is for people with COPD to make this trip and it's wonderful to know that there's something that ca make it easier for them. It's doubly rewarding for us that the company that makes the device is also sponsoring veterans with COPD to go on the trip."

Sep 24, 6:16 PM

The NIOV System is used at VA hospitals across the country and it was worn by WWII Veteran Bob Scott on his recent Honor Flight to visit the memorials in our nation's capital.

Sep 23, 7:39 PM

We are honored to salute Americas veterans by supporting the Honor Flight Network of Inland Empire. Here is WWII Bob Scott in Washington, D.C. Bob has COPD and he uses the NIOV System every day. Bob says the NIOV System helps him feel less short of breath.