Apr 15, 11:08 AM

We are very proud to announce that the new @brainient studio is LIVE for selected clients. Public launch coming next week! #interactivevideo #html5 #digitalmedia #mobileadvertising

Apr 14, 7:03 AM

Extend the capabilities of your interactive creatives by writing a few lines of code. CSS & JavaScript supported, and you can reference any elements in your creative right into the code. Thats a pretty big deal.

Apr 13, 6:40 AM

Use the same assets to build multiple formats and deliver them across multiple devices, seamlessly #interactivevideo #digitalmedia #html5 #mobileadvertising

Apr 12, 6:28 AM

The new Studio has been created from the ground up using HTML5. It''s future proof and ready for the imminent demise of Flash. RIP Flash, we really loved you when you were young but sadly, you havent aged well. #ripflash #mobileadvertising #interactivevideo #html5 #digitalmedia