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Boloco (from Boston Local Company) is the brand name of an American chain of restaurants that serves burritos, wraps, salads, shakes and smoothies. Burritos on the menu represent culinary traditions from around the world — for example, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, and Mediterranean. The company was incorporated in 1996 under the name The Wrap by co-founders Adam Liebman, Gregg Harris, John Pepper and Jason Hutchinson. In 1997, it opened its first restaurant, initially called "Under Wraps", in Bostons Back Bay neighborhood. In 1998, the company acquired a competing restaurant business with locations in Harvard Square and Cleveland Circle. All three locations were re-branded under the new name, "The Wrap and Smoothie Bar" (selected via a customer contest in late 1997). In 2000, they merged with a four-unit juice company called "Jeras Juice". In the next few years, the company added restaurants at Northeastern University and on Newbury Street (2000), Childrens Hospital and Pearl Street (2003), Federal Street in Bostons Financial District and in Hanover, New Hampshire, at Dartmouth College (2004). Jeras Juice was phased out by 2003, although a version of its swirl logo was incorporated into the Boloco logo. Late in 2004, the founders decided to expand The Wrap beyond New England. They sold The Wrap brand and its intangible assets to a group of Ohio-based entrepreneurs, Nicar Enterprises, which had built national franchise organizations. In 2005, both parties helped re-brand The Wrap as Boloco. The founders changed the name mainly because the word "wrap" had come to mean something that was typically served cold and prepackaged, whereas The Wraps offerings used hot, grilled, fresh ingredients wrapped in steamed tortillas — more like a burrito, less like a wrap. As well, the name The Wrap was too generic to be protected legally.