Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory

May 12, 11:26 AM

#ThrowbackThursday to 1953 when our particle collider was called the Cosmotron and buttons and gauges were all the rage. Credit: BNL Photography

Mar 23, 2:46 PM

Straight down the barrel of the tube that delivers ions traveling just under the speed of light into the Time Projection Chamber at the STAR detector. Zoom zoom, little ions.

Mar 23, 2:20 PM

Up close and personal with the PHENIX detector, which we use to study proton spin at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. This is three stories above the ground, looking straight into the heart of the detector.

Mar 16, 4:40 PM

Today at the Lab, we hosted hundreds of middle schoolers for the Maglev Competition. This #STEM student is demonstrating the vehicle she made for the wind category, where magnets levitate the car above a track and a fan propels the student-designed vehicles. Fastest one wins! Credit: BNL Photography