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Bluefin Payment Systems

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Bluefin Payment Systems is a provider of secure payment technology for enterprises and financial institutions. Bluefins proprietary PayConex Platform includes PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), QuickSwipe mobile POS, Ecommerce, tokenization and international payments; headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Melville (New York), Chicago (Illinois), Tulsa (Oklahoma), and Waterford, Ireland. Their strong focus on minimizing data breaches through EMV and tokenization technology allows Bluefin to head the way of payment system innovations. In 2017, Bluefin received two patents; one for their Decryptx P2PE architecture, as well as payment device and chain-of-custody management.The company received its first two patents in 2016 – Systems and Methods for Decryption as a Service and Systems and Methods for Creating Fingerprints of Encryption Devices.

Jobs at Bluefin Payment Systems
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