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Bloomfire is a computer software company based in Austin, Texas. The business creates web-based software applications that aim to increase virtual knowledge-and-information-sharing in the workplace. It was founded in 2010 by Josh Little, and originally headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company is backed by investors such as Austin Ventures and Redpoint Ventures. Bloomfire develops software that enables collective intelligence at scale, driving productivity and innovation for businesses.[citation needed] Their tools allow companies to share information on a web-based application platform. The software application "Bloomfire", launched in 2012, allows users to create team communities where people can post questions and answers, and add or create new content. The content can be uploaded in the form of videos, photos or text documents. The social platform allows users to "follow", "share", and "like" other users' content; it also has screen-recording capabilities. The software aims to increase accessibility to information within a company. The application can be accessed from a device connected to the Internet, such as a PC, laptop, tablet computer, or smartphone. The application is available for a monthly fee, and the company has several hundred customers. Bloomfire provides software for companies such as Dominos Pizza, Bechtel Corporation, Vembu Technologies the real-estate firm Re/Max, and Stryker Instruments. Bloomfire targets its Bloomfire software towards sales teams and sales training, in particular to those who work from remote sites, but it also applies to other business domains. Users have access to support on-line, as well as to phone and email support.
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