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Skype Qik /'kwik/ was a video messaging service by Skype. It was created from the technology Skype Technologies acquired through the purchase of Qik. The service, offered for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices, allows users to exchange video messages between individuals or within a group. Previously, the Qik service offered a mobile-based live video-sharing website and two-way video conferencing application that allowed users to stream live video from their cell phones to the internet. Qik enabled users to record and upload video directly from supported cell phones. Qik, a Silicon Valley startup, launched its alpha version in December 2007 and went into public beta in July 2008. Qik was compatible with approximately 140+ cell phones. Qik videos can be shared on numerous services including Ovi Share, Facebook via Facebook Connect, Twitter, Livestream, 12secondstv, YouTube, Blogger, Seesmic, Tumblr, WordPress, Digg, StumbleUpon,, MySpace, and Technorati. The videos can also be shared directly on the Qik website or embedded on a webpage for live or pre-recorded videos.

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