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BlogHer is a community and media company founded by Elisa Camahort Page, Jory des Jardins, and Lisa Stone in 2005. The company, Blogher LLC, includes conferences and a blog advertising network. In 2007, it expanded to include BlogHers Act, a political blogging network by and for women. Dan Gillmor quoted the sites community guideline "We embrace the spirit of civil disagreement" as an ideal. BlogHer began as a conference in 2005 in San José, California. It began with an idea and a blog, and once announced, quickly grew to a 300-person conference on women and blogging. The BlogHer team in 2005 included Elisa Camahort, Elise Bauer, Jenn Satterwhite, Jory Des Jardins, Lisa Stone, Lisa Williams, Maria Niles, Mir Verburg, and Toby Bloomberg.[citation needed] The second BlogHer conference was held in San José and was much larger than the first, with at least 750 attendees. Keynote speakers included Arianna Huffington, Catarina Fake, Caroline Little, Chris Nolan, Mena Trott, Grace Davis, Meg Hourihan, and Marnie Webb.[citation needed]