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Immedia Semiconductor

Immedia Semiconductor

Aug 21, 10:48 AM

Growing fast, fun with the Blink for Home team @bodaborgboston, are you looking for your next gig? Head to for more information.

Aug 14, 0:24 PM

Is your Blink hiding in the trees, on a lamp post or somewhere else?! Post a picture with your interesting location for a chance to win a #blink XT with the link in bio.

Aug 9, 0:38 PM

Join the contest for the best Blink camera sightings! Check out this sighting in Konos Cafe in Hawaii. Use the link in bio to enter for the chance to win a #BlinkXT

Aug 8, 4:08 PM

Introducing Blink XT covers in white, gray and brick colors! Check out our whole accessory line with the link in bio.

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