Sep 28, 10:05 PM

#whereintheworldisblend today? We''ll give you some hints... Our alumni have spent a lot of time in this Frank Gehry spaceship that may or may not have had a leaky roof once upon a time. There may or may not be a Miracle of Science in our future. And we''re probably going to need to make a stop at Toscanini''s before we head back to SF. Can you guess which Career Fair we''re headed to tomorrow?

Sep 28, 1:21 PM

Hi #ghc17 attendees! We''re excited to see you in Orlando next week. Come by Booth 2947 and join us Friday 10/6 for happy hour at @lafayettesorl. RSVP here:

Sep 27, 5:25 PM

We were excited to host former Canadian Prime Minister @stephenharper and some of his colleagues at @blendlabs HQ today for an inspiring session on leadership and facing the challenges that come with rapid growth. His advice on decision-making? No matter what, ''never become paralyzed'' by too much process, or fear of making a mistake.

Sep 26, 5:18 PM

#whereintheworldisblend today? Our backpacks are on, leaves aren''t yet turning, and we''re enjoying spending some time with a classic bear and a lamp/bear... which means we''re at @brownu''s career fair!