Jul 27, 1:20 PM

Bay Area interns, join us for our 2nd annual Intern Open House tonight at Blend HQ. Festivities will start at 7pm, hope to see you there! #LifeatBlend #internopenhouse

Jul 20, 7:00 PM

Must be a good sign that on our first Baseball ""Blub"" outing, the Giants win with a walk-off ! We''re already looking forward to the next one! Note: Blub stands for Blend Club, a new company-sponsored, employee-led program that brings employees together to build relationships around common interests. Stay tuned for more blub highlights from our burger-blub, book-blub, and others!

Jul 17, 11:47 AM

Internapalooza Greylock Techfair Cheers a strong start to university recruiting so far! We''re excited to meet even more students in the events to come!

Jun 25, 1:58 PM

We''re proud of the community we''re building at Blend -- one that moves onward and upward to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and is a place where our authentic selves can belong. #sfpride2017

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