Aug 22, 10:00 PM

We're working on a new video explaining why we've chosen MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry as the technical platform for our proteomic tests. In the meantime, here's a good photo of a mass spec instrument, built by Bruker, in our onsite lab in Boulder, Colorado.

Feb 28, 0:12 AM

The HOPE trial needs lung cancer patients to donate blood samples. There's no cost to participate, the blood draw can be done at your house, and you could help research for new cancer diagnostics. To learn more, visit:

Feb 6, 7:25 PM

We just passed an important milestone: Biodesix has run 20,000 VeriStrat tests for clinical use. So, 20,000 patients have received the benefit of VeriStrat proteomic testing to inform their cancer treatment decisions. We're proud to be part of the fight against cancer!

Feb 2, 8:31 PM

Big day for Biodesix, and for our patients! We just added ROS1 and RET to the genes tested in our GeneStrat Liquid Biopsy testing. GeneStrat, a non-invasive blood test that analyzes circulating tumor DNA and RNA, is used by physicians to inform treatment decisions for patients with cancer. Results are available in 72 hours.