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Bijoux Terner is a global chain of fashion retail stores with over 700 locations around the world. Known for its wide assortment of accessories and simple price point strategy, Bijoux Terner has over 35 years of experience designing, sourcing, and selling accessories inspired by global fashion trends. The company offers a wide range of fashion accessories including watches, necklaces, pashminas, scarves, handbags, ties, and travel accessories. Its headquarters are in Miami, Florida. Bijoux Terner was founded in 1974 by Salomon Terner in Miami, Florida. Terner, known as “Moni”, had left his native Cuba in 1960 after the government seized control of his family’s business. In Cuba, Terner had been the president of the National Association for Handbag Manufacturers and, shortly after arriving in the United States, he launched a handbag manufacturing business of his own operating out of the basement of a local department store. Terner soon found success designing handbags for airline flight attendants. By 1965, his young business was supplying handbags to more than 80 percent of airline carriers and two of his handbags are on permanent display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
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