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Jun 6, 11:18 PM

Wishing a successful show to our friends @VenusWafers who are in Anaheim, CA for #IDDBA17. Please bring back some yummy cheese to go with your delicious crackers.

Apr 12, 6:45 AM

Marketing inception. Our Social Manager modeling the t-shirt we designed, using the Snapchat filter we created, posted on the social profile we manage. Join us this Thursday, April 13th, at 6pm in the #BostonCommon for the Half Half Half Half Half Half Marathon, benefiting @826Boston. So far, 826 Boston has raised over 80% of their $25K goal. They are hoping to cross their funding finish line before we stagger across the physical one on Thursday night. Where else can you find an event that starts with a stretching session, includes a teeny-tiny marathon, and ends with a beer? Well, any bar, we suppose if you feel so inclined. But this time youll be stretching, running/walking/ambling, and drinking for charity. Specifically, a charity that is fostering the next generation of writers. We hope to see you there. There will be costume contest, a balloon arch, and of course, this amazing Geofilter. Link to the Crowdrise event page is in our bio.

Apr 10, 7:12 PM

Happy birthday (one week ago) to our fearless leader, Jeff Berman. Sorry this took so long to post. But in our defense, you took your sweet time blowing out the candles.

Mar 8, 5:14 PM

A meeting of the minds: @826Boston and Berman Creative discuss plans for the upcoming Half Half Half Half Half Marathon!. A marathon is a long, long way to run. 26 miles is far, which is why there are now half marathons. But a 13 mile run is still more than most people can do. So, what about half of that? 6.5 miles? Thats also a long way. And so is three miles, for most people. Even a mile and a half is asking a lot. The Half Half Half Half Half Marathon is manageable, roughly .826 mile, which is both a reasonable distance and a nice number to work with. The idea is to encourage awareness of and engagement with 826 by creating a fun pre-Boston Marathon event that brings together runners and non-runners in a fun and festive event. It''s the intersection of athletics and literacy. Visit the Crowdrise page to learn about how you can get involved in the Half Half Half Half Half Marathon. Link is in our bio.