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Berman Creative

Mar 8, 5:14 PM

A meeting of the minds: @826Boston and Berman Creative discuss plans for the upcoming Half Half Half Half Half Marathon!. A marathon is a long, long way to run. 26 miles is far, which is why there are now half marathons. But a 13 mile run is still more than most people can do. So, what about half of that? 6.5 miles? Thats also a long way. And so is three miles, for most people. Even a mile and a half is asking a lot. The Half Half Half Half Half Marathon is manageable, roughly .826 mile, which is both a reasonable distance and a nice number to work with. The idea is to encourage awareness of and engagement with 826 by creating a fun pre-Boston Marathon event that brings together runners and non-runners in a fun and festive event. It''s the intersection of athletics and literacy. Visit the Crowdrise page to learn about how you can get involved in the Half Half Half Half Half Marathon. Link is in our bio.

Mar 3, 11:13 PM

#FlashbackFriday When CD @erincreates was growing a human inside her belly. Now the only thing she''s growing are ideas.

Mar 2, 11:03 PM

#TBT Principal Jeff Berman driving an ice cream truck. He was fired for selling baseball cards on the side. Not everyone appreciates an innovator.

Feb 5, 4:59 PM

Someone get Rob Gronkowski a Wahlburger before he goes ballistic, stat. Two years ago we watched him dance upon a bus in Boston wearing a Minions hat, suggestively thrusting everything at the crowd. And that was when he was full of Wahlburgers! Do you want to see what this guy does when hes lacking in burgers named after an actor whos actually from Boston yet somehow manages to have the worst Boston accent of them all? Alright, well admit it: we want to see what happens. Yay football!


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