Bayer Corporation US

Bayer Corporation US

Bayer Corporation US

Aug 31, 5:59 AM

Smart agriculture is gaining ground. In the Netherlands, the Bayer ForwardFarm Green Heart Farm has started to deploy digital farming solutions. The first results are anticipated by the end of 2017.

Aug 30, 10:02 AM

Bayer researchers use fully automated ultra-high-throughput systems to investigate the pharmacological action of millions of substances and find candidates that could potentially mean the breakthrough to new drug products.

Aug 28, 6:23 AM

In their search for novel active ingredients for drug products, Bayer researchers can rely on highly efficient robots.

Aug 25, 9:14 AM

How can the quality of cotton be further improved? Bayer CropScience and U.S.- based Nature Sources Genetics plan to pursue this goal together.