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Basho Technologies is a distributed systems company that develops a key-value NoSQL database technology, Riak, and an object storage system that is built on the Riak platform, called Riak CS. Basho is the developer of Riak, an open source distributed database that offers high availability, fault tolerance, operation simplicity and scalability. Riak Enterprise is a commercial version of the database offered by Basho, the projects sponsor, with advanced multi-data center replication and enterprise support. Riak is a key value store system that can collect unstructured data and store it as objects in buckets that can then be queried. Its also highly scalable, able to distribute itself over a server cluster and add new servers as needed, while maintaining its own high availability. Riak is written in Erlang, a language that gives a system built-in support for distribution across a server cluster, fault tolerance, and an ability to absorb new hardware being added to the cluster without disrupting operations.