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Barkley Evergreen & Partners

Barkley Evergreen & Partners

Sep 28, 0:21 PM

When Devon Tracy, Recruiting Coordinator, isnt looking for new Barkley partners, she spends her free time cross stitching. After buying a kit a year ago, she continues to teach herself new techniques and try out new phrases. I love that cross stitching used to be viewed as old fashioned and now it''s making a comeback with catchy phrases and sometimes, less-than-appropriate words. Its a very cheap hobby but it''s also time consuming, so it''s a good way to stay busy. #AddBarkley

Sep 26, 0:21 PM

An employee who works at an agency then leavesonly to remember why they loved Barkley in the first place. Thats when they come back, like a boomerang. #AddBarkley #AdDictionary

Sep 25, 3:56 PM

Say hello to Content Manager, @drewamart He lives between the words Content and Craft. On one side, you have my passion for advising and collaborating on content pieces, while on the other you have my love for the local craft industry (and beer, of course). In the middle is where strategic insight and attention to culture collide. #BizCardBio

Sep 22, 3:32 PM

Yesterday, our partners got a front row seat to an exclusive rooftop concert with @uintabrewing and @hembreemusic , one of KCs own indie-rock bands. They kick off their upcoming tour in Oct., and we can speak from experience that they put on a great show. #AddBarkley