Barber Martin

Barber Martin

Barber Martin

Aug 30, 4:22 PM

Today, Shelley volunteered at Tricycle Urban Farm in Manchester. She weeded kale (or was it collards?) all morning and was happy to do the necessary work. Shelley chose @tricycle_urban_ag mostly because of the Food Outreach program. She says, ""The not-for-profit farm addresses food deserts, those stretches of community having mostly corner convenience stores as options for food shopping. If you dont have a car you cant drive to the newest Food Lion. Whats featured in the corner store? Beer, wine, chips, cigarettes, maybe a frozen pizza...Tricycle is attempting to get healthier choices into these areas."" #cultureofgood #communitymatters #rva #gobma

Aug 23, 9:23 AM

Security Guards making their rounds. #theboulders #honk #hiss #ohcanada

Aug 21, 3:01 PM

Monday''s meeting of the Barber Martin science club. #eclipse2017

Jul 28, 10:43 AM

We enjoyed a little #baseball last night with @gosquirrels #playball #bmaadbiz #gobma