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Clay Pattie A Infirmary

Clay Pattie A Infirmary

Jul 31, 7:10 PM

Thank you to all who came out tonight for the Youth Female Athlete Seminar! Also a huge thank you to our speakers and sponsors!

Jul 31, 6:11 PM

Kicking off the Youth Female Athlete Seminar at Baptist Health Performance Training! #youthfemaleathletes #BaptistHealth #baptisthealthperformancetraining

Jul 19, 1:46 PM

Baptist Health Paducah was happy to host a group from the Kentucky Office for the Blind today to help them learn how to navigate a hospital. The office serves the 10 westernmost Kentucky counties. A special thanks to Kim Wrye, an instructor with our education department, for leading the tour. The group was escorted by Jean Sutton of the Kentucky Office for the Blind and Robbin Cox of the Kentucky School for the Blind.

Jul 14, 10:18 AM

Congratulations to our Baptist Health Floyd CARE award winners and leadership (left to right): VP of Nursing, Kelly McMinoway; Shirley Barnett, winner for Attitude); LeAnn Doddridge, winner for Communication; Joey Flispart, winner for Responsiveness; VP of Operations, Mark Truman; Chrissy Doughty, winner for Courtesy; VP of Human Resources and Development, Sue Christopher; Joe Sumler (winner for Excellence)! Not pictured: Kelly Mivelaz for Appearance; Chad Nelson for Respect; and Ralph Greenwell for Enthusiasm. Well deserved! #newalbany #newalbanyindiana #floydcounty #BaptistHealth #BaptistHealthFloyd #congratulations