Aug 24, 6:20 PM

Learn how the latest 9-1-1 technology is making us safer than ever at work, home, and on-the-go

Aug 22, 3:50 PM

Yesterday many of us were outside staring up at the sky in the middle of the workday for the #GreatAmericanEclipse. What WEREN'T we doing? Making phone calls! Take a look at how yesterday's nationwide call volumes differed from a typical day. Here in Raleigh, NC we experienced a partial eclipse... and so did the phones on our network it seems! Great to see so many folks getting offline to view this once-in-a-generation solar event.

Aug 18, 3:15 PM

Check out the cool things built with Bandwidth APIs during the ClueCon Coder Games last week!

Aug 16, 6:05 PM

Email is slow (by todays standards), but engrained in nearly every business. SMS, by comparison is fast, with high read and fast response rates by users. Read this blog to learn how to turn emails into text messages with two simple APIs.