Sep 30, 9:10 AM

We do the right thing because its the right thing to do--even when its difficult and even when its uncomfortable. #CompanyValue

Sep 26, 1:58 PM

Were on the lookout for new #Bambooligans to join our world-class #CustomerSuccessTeam! Just follow the link in our bio to checkout the details.

Sep 25, 2:42 PM

Were excited to welcome Nikki to our Customer Success Team!! #HappyFirstDayofWork

Sep 22, 5:49 PM

Were not sure if it was planned but five members of our Marketing Team went on their #PaidPaidVacations in the last month. Jono went on a babymoon to New York, Susan took her grandkids to Disneyland Paris, Sean got the full princess experience at Disneyland, Anna walked among the bamboo in Japan, and Rob braved the jungles of Mexico. #bambooligans