Jun 28, 1:38 PM

Todays awesome discovery, they make gummies! And thanks to @linkedin for sending them over.

Jun 26, 5:58 PM

Stop your scrolling and help us welcome our brand new batch of #Bambooligans!

Jun 26, 2:56 PM

In keeping with our June Company Value of Enjoying A High Quality of Life, we decided to help others by having our first company blood drive. Special shoutout to all the #Bambooligans who braved the needles and donated blood today!

Jun 22, 1:31 PM

We were just featured in @uv360 where they selected us as one of the best places to work in Utah. While were humbled to be included on their list, its important to understand that it''s all about the people who make @bamboohr such a special place. #bambooligans #SetPeopleFree

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