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Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. is an American manufacturer of spacecraft, components, and instruments for national defense, civil space and commercial space applications. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ball Corporation, with primary offices in Boulder and facilities in Broomfield and Westminster in Colorado, with smaller offices in New Mexico, Ohio, Northern Virginia, Missouri, and Maryland.

Ball Aerospace began building pointing controls for military rockets in 1956, and later won a contract to build one of NASA’s first spacecraft, the Orbiting Solar Observatory. Over the years, the company has been responsible for numerous technological and scientific projects and continues to provide aerospace technology to NASA and related industries.

Ball Aerospace also has many other products and services for the aerospace industry, including lubricants, optical systems, star trackers and antennas. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ball Corporation, Ball Aerospace was cited in 2014 as the 88th largest defense contractor in the world. Both parent and subsidiary headquarters are co-located in Broomfield, Colorado.

Highest paying job titles at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp include Mission Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, and Procurement Manager


Market Cap$28.9 billion
Revenue$11.7 billion
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Net Income$585 million
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Top Experts at Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp Compensation

Mission Systems Engineer



Average Compensation:$137,667

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$103,750

Procurement Manager



Average Compensation:$108,889

Manufacturing Engineer



Average Compensation:$99,375

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