Careers at Babajobcom

Why work for us is an online job portal for blue-collared jobs in India. lists jobs for the informal service sector in India, this sector consists of semi-skilled workers including: maids, drivers, masons. It was founded in 2007 by Sean Blagsvedt (now CEO), Ira Weise and Vibhore Goyal. lists jobs from the informal sector in India -blue-collared and grey-collared jobs. It connects job-seekers to employers via their website, voice services and SMS-texting. Currently, it has 3.7 million job openings across 206,000 different employers across India. is based in Bangalore but is present in 9 cities across India. It was initially funded by the founder Sean Blagsvedt and his step-father Ira Weise. They then did a seed round of $200,000 with angel investors. Round A of funding was led by Gray Ghost Ventures and Khosla Impact Fund (Khosla Ventures) in 2012, they raised 7 Crore rupees. In 2015, they raised $10 million (64 Crore rupees) from SEEK Limited (an Australian public company) the largest global online employment marketplace. The injection will be focused on mobile app development and on improving telephony services. The company also received $1.1 million as a grant from the United States Government.