Aug 28, 5:36 PM

Just stopped to listen to the birds chirping (and us... to smell the roses) @gabbymbeki

Aug 27, 7:51 PM

Growing up, one of my favorite experiences was listening to the sound of the ice cream truck as it passed by the song of the truck may have actually been more satisfying than the ice cream itself - Jack, in our #shipping dept. Whats your favorite sound?

Aug 26, 9:12 PM

Fun fact about #Audicus:while we ship our hearing aids to people across the US (and abroad!), our HQ is located in downtown Manhattan. #theMoreYouKnow @jennykanavaros

Aug 26, 11:50 AM

#LivingLoudly on vacation means hearing the calming sound of leaves on the trees bristling. Great pic @ladulcivida