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Au Bon Pain (French pronunciation: ?[o b?~ p?~], meaning "at (or to) the Good Bread") is an American fast-casual bakery and café chain headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1977, Louis Rapuano founded Au Bon Pain in Bostons Faneuil Hall. Since its inception, the chain has expanded throughout the United States. Additionally, there are numerous franchise locations internationally in India and Thailand. Pavailler, a French baking equipment manufacturer, established the company as a showcase for its ovens in 1976 at Bostons Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The principals included Rapuano, Pavailler Machinery, and two minor investors. Pavailler contributed baking machinery to the venture. Au Bon Pain sold authentic croissants, pastries, and bread produced by French bakers. Attorney Dick Bernstein, who had studied in Paris, suggested the name Au Bon Pain, which loosely translated means “place for good bread.” Corporate colors red, white, and blue mirrored the French tricolor. The logo uses the typeface Futura Black, designed by Paul Renner in 1929.


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