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Atlus Co., Ltd. (????????, Kabushikigaisha atorasu?) is a Japanese video game developer, publisher and distribution company based in Tokyo, and a subsidiary of Sega. It is best known for developing the Megami Tensei, Persona, Etrian Odyssey, and Trauma Center series. Its corporate mascot is the Shin Megami Tensei demon Jack Frost. Atlus was founded in April 1986, and existed until it was dissolved in October 2010 by Index Holdings (later Index Corporation). After the dissolution, the name Atlus continued as a brand used by Index on video games until 2013. Atlus, in its current incarnation, was founded as Sega Dream Corporation in September 2013, a new shell corporation established by Sega. In November 2013, Sega Dream was renamed Index Corporation, following the bankruptcy of the original Index Corporation. In April 2014, the contents and solution businesses of Index were spun off as a new company called Index Corporation, while the rest of Index Corporation (formerly Sega Dream) was renamed Atlus. A North American branch of the company, Atlus USA, was founded in 1991 to focus on publishing and localizing games in that region. Atlus does not have a branch for PAL regions, resulting in the company partnering with multiple third-party publishers including Ghostlight, NIS America, Square Enix, and Deep Silver.