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The Atlanta Housing Authority or AHA is organized under Georgia law to develop, acquire, lease and operate affordable housing for low-income families. Today, AHA is the largest housing agency in Georgia and one of the largest in the United States, serving approximately 50,000 people. All of the old-style public housing projects were demolished by 2011. AHA now has six primary ways of helping people with housing needs: In 2011, the AHA served 21,267 households, of which: The history of the AHA goes back to Charles Forrest Palmer (1892–1973), an Atlanta real estate developer. Palmer became an expert on techniques to improve housing for the poor and public housing, including approaches and implementations in Europe at the time. This was in an era when most poor people in Atlanta lived in dilapidated houses or shanties without indoor plumbing or electricity - such conditions would persist in some parts of Atlanta, such as Buttermilk Bottom, until the 1960s.