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Jul 25, 4:56 PM

Congrats to the Women''s US Lacrosse Team on clinching their eighth World Cup title! #Repost @uslacrosse #WeKnowAthletes (@get_repost) Special thanks to our World Champion #USAWLax Partners for their support on our journey to gold! @nike @brinewomenslacrosse @stxwlax @ualacrosse @GreenFieldsUSA @Nationwide @officialsfparks @sweatxsport @bankofamerica @medstarsportsmed @sisuguard @athleticrepublic @MotivePure @ntrecovery and #DJOGlobal

May 23, 10:31 AM

#WeKnowAthletes We know how they think... At any age, at any level, soccer is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports. Balance, coordination, and stability are essential for nearly every movement with or without the ball. Our trainers are certified in a unique combination of exercise science and sports training to ensure our athletes gain the competitive advantage they need. Learn how we can help you make next season your best season (link in bio).

May 2, 11:29 AM

#WeKnowAthletes We know how they act and react and interact with the environment around them... On average, an NHL player will make a change in direction 52 times per shift. Our plyometric training will dramatically improve a hockey player''s dynamic stability and explosive power. We also utilize our patented hockey treadmill to increase the foot speed of our athletes up to 20%. Next season starts now!

Apr 28, 10:52 AM

Congrats to Athletic Republic - Orange County athlete John Ross on being selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 9th overall pick in the NFL draft! We look forward to watching you play on Sundays! #athleticrepublic #weknowathletes #nfldraft2017