A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape

Aug 28, 5:18 PM

You don''t know what you''ve got til it''s gone... Last Friday we bid adieu to our summer co-ops, and it was especially hard to say goodbye to this group. Not only did they all knock it out of the park on the engineering front, they were also fully engaged in ATA''s culture. From ATV trips and spontaneous glacial dips in Whistler to our Sports Day at Jericho Beach to general good-times-having at the office, this dynamic group brought so much to the table and added levels to our team. Counter to Joni Mitchell''s iconic lyrics, we had a pretty good idea we were going to miss these faces something fierce. // BONUS GAME: IG carousels don''t allow for landscape pictures, so we couldn''t include the full speech bubble in the final photo. Fill in the blank: Shaheed''s code is ___________ #thisisata #internsdoingthings #ohwhatasummer

Aug 25, 2:46 PM

This morning @wearebctech swung by the ol'' ATA HQ to interview talent acquisition specialist extraordinaire, @talineainein, for #aspiretotech 2. Taline''s favourite question: ""What advice would you give your 16-yo self?"" Want to know what she said? Well you''re just going to have to stay tuned for the upcoming video to find out. #thisisata #fridaymorningfun #lowkeycelebstatus

Aug 22, 5:59 PM

#tossbacktuesday (just go with it) to yesterday morning when our crew stepped outside to catch the solar eclipse. No protective eyewear posed no problem for @snklee, one of our industrious software engineers, who layered on three pairs of sunglasses to sneak a quick peek. Did it work? Ummmmm, just look at that smile. #thisisata #solareclipse2017 #stacksonstacks

Aug 14, 6:50 PM

Remember Sports Day from way back in elementary school? You know the one: three-legged race...water balloon toss...blindfolded, um, donut-eating. Well, last Friday our crew jumped on a big yellow school bus and headed to Jericho Beach for some good old fashioned fun! We were split into six teams (themes included cowboys/cowgirls and 1970s gym teachers) and each group competed for their charity of choice. Between the broken eggs, piggybacks and human wheelbarrows, it was an absolute riot. (Is it just us or do kids really have life figured out? ) Congratulations to our winning team, the Sportsballers, and their charity, @jusoorsyria, an organization that empowers Syrian youth. The good times continued at @mahonyandsons later in the day, but that was slightly less elementary, ya know? // All photos by @valerielina #thisisata #gosports #sportsdayatwork