A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape

Aug 1, 0:49 AM

Building games all day and playing games all night. It''s the Ape lifestyle. #apestakingover - @joe_crozier #thisisata #jenga

Jul 31, 5:27 PM

A well-hydrated Ape is a Happy Ape. The kitchen is your friend, it has all the ingredients needed for my speciality Green Tea Lemonade - plus a million other great snacks. - @joe_crozier #thisisata #apestakingover #tea #lemonade

Jul 31, 3:43 PM

Friends, this is Joe (@joe_crozier), Joe, these are our friends. Joe is hosting #apestakingover this week. He''s one of our software engineer co-ops, and apart from being super rad in that respect, he''s a real go-getter (I mean, he''s doing this, right?). He often goes by iPhone Joe, and while we thought it was because he''s got an iPhone business side hustle, it turns out it''s because he bears a striking resemblance to Steve Jobs. What other surprises does this guy have up the pushed up sleeve of his black turtleneck? Stay tuned to find out... #thisisata #stevejobsturtleneck #internsdoinginternthings

Jul 28, 2:30 PM

This here is Mackenzie. He''s the software engineer mostly likely to have devised something ber handy around the office (like our reception robot everyone is so fond of, for instance). His latest pet project involves growing hops on our patio (because he brews his own beers and ciders, naturally), though this endeavour is not without obstacles. He''s already repaired his wooden trellis for his wandering bines, and now he''s waging a battle against aphids with--what else?--ladybugs. But despite these hiccups his hops are flowering and that''s got Mac feeling like a proud plant papa (just look at that smile). We''ve told him that any brew resulting from his efforts must be called A Drinking Ape, and he obliged. Cheers to ATA''s Mac of all trades! #thisisata #adrinkingape #butfirstbeer #aphidsbegone