A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape

Jun 23, 9:32 PM

Put your hand up if you think Friday afternoons should be spent on ATVs in Whistler? // Thanks to @whistleratv for an outrageous experience. Our long-standing co-op trip tradition just levelled up #thisisata #thisisatv #zoomzoom

Jun 21, 7:22 PM

""Oh, what time is it? Time to cut someone''s arm off!"" - our sword-wielding instructor, Aaron // Thanks to the good folks at @academieduello for an afternoon of swordplay. Our group proved that zero finesse, coordination or skill is required to realize all of our Game of Throne dreams #thisisata #livebythesworddiebythesword #ouchthathurt

Jun 20, 7:46 PM

We''ve got 180 of these little flag bearing cuties on deck for this evening''s event at ATA HQ! The clouds have parted, the sun is shining and our patio is ready to host The Reframe Group''s Summer BBQ Social. Hope the guests like cupcakes! (But, like, who doesn''t? \_()_/ ) #thisisata #thereframegroup #summerinthecity

Jun 16, 5:42 PM

Our People & Culture lead facilitated a vision board session today. We talked about what pumps us up and what drags us down and ended up learning a lot about each other (not to mention ourselves) in the process. Getting crafty on a Friday morning: do recommend #thisisata #visionboard #goalsaf