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Feb 4, 8:35 PM

Jan 10, 10:41 PM

Congratulations to.... 1. Lisa Ragusa 2. Trung Dam 3. James Mchale Thanks for all who submitted!

Dec 29, 11:39 PM

Sharing our holiday traditions - Every Christmas, my family celebrates in my hometown of Irving, Tx. It's near Dallas. The Irving Public Schools and the Irving Arts Center host a wonderful display of Christmas trees decorated by students from all of the Irving public schools. We always go to see the trees as a family. This year the theme was Latin American Christmas. The students were learning about how the holidays are celebrated in Latin America. I've posted a picture of one of the most original trees. Brandenberg Elementary School created their tree from sombreros and topped it with cowboy hats. Feliz Ao Nuevo! to all from Texas. Lisa Ragusa Astreya Marketing staff

Dec 26, 6:12 PM

Happy Holidays from Astreya Partners!!!