ASI System Integration

ASI System Integration

Mar 2, 5:19 PM

Introducing the ASI WORD OF THE DAY (WOD)! Today's WOD is: GALVANIZE! ...Do you feel shocked or zinc'd?

Feb 6, 9:31 PM

How did YOU celebrate? #nationalwearREDday #heartsmart #heartdiseaseawareness

Jan 24, 9:04 PM

Congrats to our Account Manager, Michael, for winning an Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Gift Card during our Nutanix training today! #winning #salestraining

Jan 24, 6:08 PM

Years ago I was lucky enough to find a field that I truly enjoy and have fun with every day. Why should the boys have all the fun!? CompTIA - The Computing Technology Industry Association#maketechHERstory


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