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Artesyn Technologies

Aug 22, 11:14 AM

POWERED BY ARTESYN: CASINO GAMING One of the worlds largest suppliers of gaming technology to casinos and other entertainment venues was facing challenges with the electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the power supply selected for one of its next generation electronic slot machines. Not wanting to take a gamble on a poor quality product, the company approached Artesyn for a solution through one of our specialist distribution integrators in the region. Thanks to outstanding pre-sales technical support, the customer quickly selected and tested the LCM600 series AC-DC power supply to replace the competitors unit. Artesyns LCM series offers a very cost-effective, single-output bulk front-end power solution with the added benefit of digital control, which enables us to rapidly modify them to suit a customers exact specifications.

Aug 3, 0:57 PM

A manufacturer of toll road systems is using Artesyns LCC250 conduction-cooled power supply for its overhead signage. This AC-DC power supply is fully-enclosed with IP64 protection against the ingress of dust and water, making it ideal for applications such as toll road systems, outdoor signage and telecom installations.

Aug 1, 3:48 PM

The MaxCore platform portfolio keeps on growing! This latest Micro platform is an enterprise-class multi-tasker extraordinaire.

Jul 21, 0:11 PM

Powered by Artesyn: Naval Sonar. A leading prime contractor and integrator of sonar, acoustic and communications systems is using Artesyns new iHP series configurable precision high power AC-DC system for the RF amplifiers in its latest naval sonar system as it evolves to deal with ever-changing threats.