Artesyn Technologies

Artesyn Technologies

Jul 12, 2:20 PM

Industrial power supplies typically operate at only 26% of their rated power, so these Artesyn units offer significant benefits to manufacturers of a wide range of industrial equipment, including medical and instrumentation, industrial and building controls and automation, and test and measurement applications.

Jun 27, 3:45 PM

Two leading network equipment manufacturers are testing 5G remote radio heads using Artesyns 700 watt ADH700 half-brick 28 volt output DC-DC converter module, which is optimized for RF power amplifier applications. The ADH700 is now available in a 50 volt output variant, allowing customers to retain their design as they move to GaN RF power devices.

Jun 23, 9:09 AM

Our Korea Sales Director, Andrew (Seounghwa) Jeong, was interviewed for the KuktoMaeil publication, which focuses on industrial news. Andrew emphasized why railway signaling companies need COTS products such as the ControlSafe platform, and how Artesyn is supporting them to increase their competitiveness in the global market.

Jun 22, 2:52 PM

Three new series of half-brick DC-DC converters will support the rapidly growing number of high power wireless base station (BTS) and remote radio head (RRH) deployments using GaN and high voltage LDMOS technology for increased power density and higher efficiency.

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