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Why work for us

ArrayComm is a wireless communications software company founded in San Jose, California, in Silicon Valley. Co-founded in 1992 by Martin Cooper, a pioneer of the wireless industry. The company is wholly owned by Ygomi LLC, under principal investor T. Russell Shields. The current headquarters is Buffalo Grove, Illinois. ArrayComm sells the Physical Layer (PHY) for 4G wireless systems, as well as multi-antenna signal processing software for specific components of 4G PHYs using Smart Antennas and MIMO techniques. Patent-licensing is another source of revenue. The companys hardware solutions enjoyed their greatest commercial successes in Australia and South Africa under the iBurst brand name which continues to be owned by Kyocera. ArrayComm also achieved significant success in Asia by selling base-station software for Personal Handy-phone System (PHS) base-stations. The problems ArrayComm are trying to solve can be compared to multiple conversations in a single location, or communications across long distances.