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Apex Learning, Inc. is a privately held provider of e-Learning solutions for K-12 education, offering online courses in mathematics, science, English studies, social studies, Romance languages, the fine arts, health and physical education, and Advanced Placement. Apex Learning was started in 1997 by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen on the idea that online courses and test prep, which were already succeeding in higher education, could be applied to K-12. The original focus of the company was providing online Advanced Placement courses and test prep, and AP remains a core part of Apex Learnings business. In the company’s first full year, Apex Learning served 200 students. After a series of ups-and-downs during the dot-com bubble, Apex Learning raised and spent $37 million from venture capitalist investors, and the company had three different CEOs. In 2002, Cheryl Vedoe, formerly founder and CEO of Tenth Planet, a company that specializes in classroom technology, and then VP of Education Marketing at Apple Computer, became the CEO of Apex Learning. Since then, Apex Learning stabilized its revenue and operations and introduced new web-based products addressing credit recovery, remediation, classroom teaching, and alternative schools.


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