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Apatar is an open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and data integration software application. Apatar open source project was founded in 2005. The first version of the tool was released under the GPLv2 license at www.sourceforge.net in February 2007. In April 2007, Apatar alpha version was demonstrated to its strategic partners, including MySQL and BlackDuck. Apatar, Inc., a commercial company that provides support for the Apatar open source software, was founded in 2007 as a branch of Altoros. The company’s main product is Apatar, a cross-platform open source desktop data integration tool that provides connectivity to a variety of databases, applications, protocols, files, and many more. The tool allows developers, database administrators, and business users to integrate information between a variety of data sources and formats and provides intuitive user interface that requires no coding to set up a data integration job. Other tools designed by the Apatar team: