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Anudip Foundation

Anudip Foundation

Jul 25, 10:16 AM

Anudip Foundation believes in skills for success: " Concentration, Innovation, Communication and Technology" Students of Anudip Foundation Kakinada Centre coached by Senior Trainers on digital skills and information technology

Jul 17, 2:45 PM

Be ready for the the right Courses at the right time! Anudip Foundation brings to you perfect career courses! Be Employment friendly with apt skill -sets. For more information call 1800-120-8733 now!

Jul 15, 9:10 AM

Anudip Foundation celebrates Skills for life. Happy world's youth skill day.

Jul 14, 2:13 PM

Anudip Foundation congratulates talented and enthusiastic interns from Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management on successful completion of their Summer internship project at Anudip Foundation. Pictured below the interns who went through an innovative mentoring workshop at Anudip Foundation working on various projects and augmenting their skill-sets.