Anton Paar

Anton Paar

Anton Paar

Aug 8, 1:17 AM

Are you interested in the secrets of successful #brewing? See our blog for a step-by-step guide for #homebrewers.

Jul 25, 2:19 AM

In beer #brewing, the quality of your raw materials has a considerable affect on the taste of the finished #beer.

Jul 18, 1:36 AM

Every glass U-tube is a work of art crafted by our #glassblower masters. It is the heart and core of every digital density meter. The U-tube is filled with sample and is electronically excited to oscillate at its characteristic frequency. Depending on the filled-in sample, the oscillation frequency differs and based on that the density can be measured. Learn more from the blog article. Link to blog in bio.

Jul 3, 2:06 AM

Snap 50 checks the alcohol concentration throughout the whole production process. Do you want to know more about alcohol measurement? Have a look at our blog. Link to blog in bio.