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Answers in Genesis (AiG) is a fundamentalist Christian apologetics parachurch organization. It advocates a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis, with a particular focus on a pseudoscientific young Earth creationism which rejects any results of scientific investigation which do not conform to their literal interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative. The organization sees evolution as incompatible with scripture and believes anything other than the young earth view is a compromise on biblical inerrancy. AiG began as the Creation Science Foundation in 1980, following the merger of two Australian creationist groups. Its name changed to Answers in Genesis in 1994, when Ken Ham founded the organizations United States branch. In 2006 the branches in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa split from the US and UK to form Creation Ministries International. In 2007, AiG opened the Creation Museum, a facility that promotes young Earth creationism, and in 2016 the organization opened the Ark Encounter, a Noahs Ark themed amusement park. AiG also publishes websites, magazines, and journals. Answers in Genesis resulted from the merging of two Australian creationist organizations in 1980, one led by John Mackay and Ken Ham and the other by Carl Wieland. The organization later become known as Answers in Genesis. Following turmoil in 2005, the AiG network split in 2006. The US and UK branches retained the AiG name and control of the AiG website under Hams leadership. The Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and South African branches rebranded themselves as Creation Ministries International (CMI). In 2007, CMI filed suit against AiG-USA alleging a variety of wrongdoings, including publicly defaming their organization.

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Quality Assurance Developer

Develop and document regression test plan to verify new development does not negatively impact exist...

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  •   Less than 5 years exp.  •  Government & Non-Profit

Information Security Architect

Professionally develop, maintain, and disseminate information security policies, standards, guidelin...

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  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Government & Non-Profit

Senior Director of Safety

Develops and maintains a positive, professional relationship with all applicable federal, state and...

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  •   Government & Non-Profit

Senior Manager of Ark Operations

Develop departmental revenue and expense budgets within established timeframes.Personnel development...

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  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Government & Non-Profit

Manager of Application Development

Provide consultation to the Director of IT regarding solution alternatives, solution design and arch...

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  •   11 - 15 years exp.  •  Government & Non-Profit