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Jul 27, 9:00 PM

Jul 25, 9:40 PM

Ankura Senior Managing Directors Luke Tenery and Ted Theisen will join other professionals for the October 9-11 CX17: CSI Customer Experience 2017 conference at Orlandos Rosen Shingle Creek. The two cybersecurity experts will speak on cyber incident response and share their views on the rise of cyber attacks and provide recommendations for breach preparation strategies.

Jul 4, 4:05 AM

Jun 27, 3:27 PM

Ankura's Randall Cook, Waqas Shahid and Francesca Harker authored the export controls and FCPA sections in the ABA International Law 2016 Year in Review article on developments in the aerospace and defense industries. Fellow experts Nicholas Spiliotes, Aki Bayz, Felix Helmstaedter, Tak-Kyun Hong, Philippe Shin and R. Locke Bell contributed other sections to this year's edition of the annual article.

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