Careers at Andela

Why work for us

Andela is an American talent accelerator that recruits and trains software developers and connects them with employers globally. The company identifies high-potential young people in Africa and gives them the training and mentorship needed to work as full-time developers, then integrates them remotely for technology companies. Andela is based in New York City, with additional offices in Africa. Andelas training and education program unites qualified African students, regardless of age or income, with leading developers who teach them to code. The four-year training program, which pays its students, is highly selective. Jeremy Johnson, the companys CEO, has said that in Nigeria its recruitment rate was around 0.7% of the 15,000 applicants it had received to that point. Within six months of starting the program, those students who have been accepted start to be placed at technology companies that partner with Andela, and receive continual training and professional development. Andela has partnered with Microsoft, IBM, 2U, Udacity, and others.