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Mar 7, 5:15 PM

Insights and Opportunities: Find out why saving early for college is a smart decision for parents:

Mar 6, 10:30 PM

Insights and Opportunities: Learn more about the benefits that 529 plans can offer families:

Feb 24, 9:30 PM

Today marks the end of our Single-Tasking Day celebration. This week, weve discussed how to tie up loose ends in your IRA by tackling a few focused, doable tasks. Your final to-do: Make your IRA contribution as early as possible. Why? Consider this hypothetical scenario: - You contributed $5,500 to your traditional IRA on Jan. 1, 2016, the first day you were allowed to contribute for 2016. If you continue to contribute early over the next 20 years, earning a total return of 8%, your account would have a balance of $295,692 in 2036. - You procrastinate until April 18, 2017, the last day a contribution could be made for 2016. If you continue that late contribution pattern over the next 20 years with a total return of 8%, your account balance would be $265,655 giving you $30,037 less for retirement. Please note: Hypotheticals are for illustrative purposes only and not reflective of an actual investment. This hypothetical assumes reinvestment of dividends and no distributions or withdrawals over 20 years.

Dec 23, 3:15 PM

Dec. 23 is Roots Day. Everyone can celebrate their heritage today because were all born with roots. But where do wings come from? Largely from parents, grandparents and families who encourage and inspire us. Parents and grandparents, you can help your college student take flight with a holiday gift thats considered a qualified higher education expense (QHEE), which means you can use federal student aid money to pay for it. That includes books, supplies, equipment and technology that your student uses for coursework. Some last-minute ideas that may be on sale: a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone. Happy holidays from Invesco!