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American Superconductor Corporation

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American Superconductor (AMSC) is an American energy technologies company based in Devens, Massachusetts specializing in the design and manufacture of power systems and superconducting wire. It owns AMSC Windtech in Klagenfurt, Austria. American Superconductor installed a test of a superconducting electric power transmission power cable in the Detroit Edison Frisbee substation in 2001. The worlds first production superconducting transmission power cable, the Holbrook Superconductor Project, was commissioned in late June 2008. The suburban Long Island electrical substation is fed by about 600 meters of superconductor wire manufactured by American Superconductor, installed underground and chilled to superconducting temperatures with liquid nitrogen.


Employees: 308
Market Cap: $171.7 million
Revenue: $48.2 million
5 Year Trend: -11.15 %
Net Income: $-16.1 million
Jobs at American Superconductor Corporation
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