Sep 24, 4:51 PM

Ampush bridal shower for our very own @laura_winning! We're so excited for you and wish you the best! P.S. bring us back some wedding cake.. #murphwinns

Dec 19, 0:36 AM

Holidays at Ampush mean presents for all But this isn't just a few trips to the mall With our heads full of dreams and our hearts full of cheer We're simply elated for good friends and good beer! #blessed #UpAndToTheRight

Nov 20, 7:03 PM

This holiday season, we Ampushers are thankful for good food, good times, and good friends! #UpAndToTheRight

Oct 13, 9:43 PM

Ampush Spotlight: Meet one of our Senior Media Strategists, Luke Erickson! He has played a huge role in driving success for clients with his aptly named team, Jumbopod. In his off-time, you can find him cooking ravioli and blasting Beyonce (yes, simultaneously). His favorite song? "XO. I'm gonna be real." #UpAndToTheRight