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Jul 29, 10:39 AM

Whoa! Check out this guy! But a proposed sulfide mine could put him in jeopardy. This is Ron Henriksen of Front 40, a group working to protect the Menominee River from contamination of the river, ground water, surface water, and from air pollution. Ron says ""Do we want to lose these magnificent fish (Lake Sturgeon)?""

Jul 28, 1:20 PM

A visit to the Maroon Bells near Aspen would be a great way to wind down the week - what are you up to this weekend? If you have a bit of time in the car, check out our new podcast on Soundcloud - link in bio. Photo credit: @kenneubecker

Jul 27, 7:23 PM

Public lands give us clean drinking water and wonderful opportunities for fishing, boating, and time with family and friends. That''s why we''re in Salt Lake City today, marching with our partners in the outdoor industry to #KeepPublicLandsPublic

Jul 26, 0:57 PM

Yesterday was Colorado River Day - but in the Southwest, isn''t every day for a river that supports so many, and inspires so much. Take this shot of the Grand Canyon from our recent film The World Beneath the Rims. We talk about the Canyon in our new podcast (link in bio) Photo: @jamesqmartin

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