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AMC Theatres (American Multi-Cinema; often referred to as just AMC or "AMC Loews" in former Loews Theatres cinemas and known in some countries as AMC Cinemas) is an American movie theater chain owned and operated by AMC Entertainment Inc., which is itself owned by AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc., a majority-owned subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group. Founded in 1920, AMC has the second-largest share of the American market, behind Regal Entertainment Group (with whom they co-own Open Road Films) and ahead of Cinemark Theatres. The chain has 346 locations mostly in North America, along with 86 more locations in mainland China, home of its corporate parent. The companys headquarters is in Leawood, Kansas. AMC Theatres was founded in 1920 by the Dubinsky Brothers – Maurice, Edward and Barney – who had been traveling the Midwest performing melodramas and tent shows with actress Jeanne Eagels. They purchased the Regent Theatre on 12th Street between Walnut and Grand in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Dubinskys eventually changed their name to Durwood and the company they formed was called Durwood Theatres. In 1961, Edwards son, Stanley, took control of Durwood Theatres, then a small 10-theatre chain, when his father died. Stanley had attended Harvard University and served as a navigator in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. He renamed Durwood Theatres to American Royal Cinema on 1 October 1968. During the incorporation process, the name was changed quickly thereafter to American Multi-Cinema, Inc. (AMC), and Stanley Durwood began to apply military management and the insights of management science to revolutionize the movie theatre industry. As he later explained to Variety magazine, "We needed to define what our company was doing in the (exhibition) business. My dad wasn't that organized." It was structured under the belief that every customer was a "guest".

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