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Mar 8, 4:44 PM

The 2017 year has brought hopeful uncertainty, according to this weeks edition of Tax Advisor Weekly. Read Marshall Scotts take on why probable tax law, healthcare and other regulatory changes will challenge CFOs in their business forecasting, budget planning, and incentive goal setting. #AMon #Tax

Mar 8, 9:00 AM

Hiring a restructuring adviser used to carry a negative stigma, especially in Europe, says Tony Alvarez III. Things now are changing. Contact Tony to learn more about the role that new regulations and Brexit are playing in A&Ms expansion of its corporate-restructuring operations in Europe. #AMon #Restructuring

Mar 7, 7:01 PM

A&Ms Sam Golden, who was the first person to hold the position of ombudsman in 1993 for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), comments in this Reuters article on what the role today can expect when it comes to financial institutions disputing performance grades being given by U.S. regulators. #AMon #FinancialRegulation

Mar 7, 4:25 PM

A&M is proud to sponsor this years FIBA AML Conference in Miami. Stay tuned for our insights from the event. #AMon #Compliance (Pictured: Andy Gandhi, Ricardo Armando Avila, Ralph Fatigate, Allison Puca, Craig Stone, Hal Crawford)

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