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Alpine Data Labs is an advanced analytics interface working with Apache Hadoop and big data. It provides a collaborative, visual environment to create and deploy analytics workflow and predictive models. This aims to make analytics more suitable for business analyst level staff, like sales and other departments using the data, rather than requiring a "data scientist" who understands languages like MapReduce or Pig. Co-founded by Anderson Wong and Yi-Ling Chen, Joe Otto serves as president and CEO of Alpine Data Labs. Greenplum commissioned its then employees Anderson Wong and Yi-Ling Chen to develop an app that could work with databases. Greenplum was acquired by EMC Corporation and Alpine Data Labs was co-founded by Wong and Chen in 2010. The site launched in May 2011 with Wong serving as CEO. That month, Alpine raised 7.5 million in Series A round funding from EMC Greenplum, Sierra Ventures, Mission Ventures, and Sumitomo Corp. Equity Asia. The funding was used in part to move Alpine’s headquarters from Beijing to San Mateo, California. Its core product then, Alpine Miner, allowed for non-data scientists to create predictive analytics data models without using code and used an "In-Database" model. In June 2011, Alpine Miner 2.0 for Oracle Database was released.
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