Jul 30, 8:04 PM

When the family leaves without you for a trip to Spain, you make a Seafood Paella like @zihtay! #Repost

Jul 28, 2:00 PM

It''s our birthday! We''re celebrating 20 years of helping people discover and share the joys of cooking. To the millions of home cooks who share recipes, reviews and passion for cooking: THANK YOU! In honor of our 20th, @wrightkitchen created this image of cookies to help us celebrate our birthday and our start as a cookie recipe site. #allrecipes20

Jul 27, 11:30 AM

Easy Cinnamon French Toast Sticks from @justataste are what Breakfast dreams are made of! #Regram #Brunchworthy

Jul 23, 4:14 PM

See how easy that was? The butterscotch caramel corn is done and your Sunday just got a little sweeter! Thanks again to @Allrecipes for letting us take over their feed today! We had a popping good time! This is Adam and Ryan from @husbandsthatcook signing out! Come say hello to us on our Instagram and get the full recipe at or with the link in @AllRecipes bio. Enjoy your movie night and find more fun in the #AllRecipes Insta-stories!

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